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While our human minds that evolved as a macroscopic objects that only have to deal with sub-sound speeds and medium gravity, would logically assume that temporal conditions apply everywhere, we know for a fact that this is wrong.

In the presence of great gravity or approaching lightspeeds, temporal conditions take extremely counter intuitive turns. Time is literally part of the very fabric of the universe. While for ac joint arthritis surgery the life of my I couldn't comprehend what it arthritic arthritis means to NOT have such temporal conditions in place, everything we know seems to point to exactly that: if you remove the universe, you also remove time just like you remove space.

Next: is "nothing" what is left when we remove the universe ac joint arthritis cortisone injection?
What does "nothing" even mean in that context? Everything that we would call "something" at this point is either existent IN the universe, or are integral parts ac joint arthritis symptoms of the universe.

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Gone if we remove the universe.


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